Life Coaching

Find your your dreamsLife coaching includes many powerful tools to help people get to the place they desire and are destined to be. Life coaching brings clarity to your God given purpose and provides a practical way of fulfilling and achieving this purpose. The coaching relationship is about challenge and accountability. The life coach's job is to help you become unstuck and live at a place of freedom and success. The coaching session differs from counseling; the session does not focus on past hurts but on strategies for future achievement.

In a coaching relationship, the obstacles that hold you back will be uncovered, passions and desires will be discovered, an action plan will be developed, and an accountability plan will be developed.It is most effective if we commit to weekly phone or office based sessions until it is obvious that you are on your path of success. The sessions will last 50 minutes and they are an exciting, vibrant, inspirational time of creative brainstorming and planning to help you take action toward the realization of your true heart's desire.