Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling

Gary and Kathy Stommel have had great success in seeing many marriages healed and restored. The investment in marriage counseling can be the difference between a mediocre marriage and a phenomenal marriage.

"No more strife - work together to experience the joy you once knew."

Marriage CounselingAfter completing the ARNO Profile Temperament Test and partaking in four or five marriage counseling sessions, you will be amazed on how much more you know about your spouse. The limits are endless for intimacy, depending on your ability to forgive and be transparent. Most of us crave intimacy with one another, but do not know how to communicate this desire out of fear we will be taken advantage of or hurt. There is a way to learn how to communicate to one another without hurting or feeling attacked, and the outcome is increased intimacy and passion. Too often, with poor communication, the opposite outcome is achieved: distance, animosity, resentment, fear, protective walls, and anger.

Marriage counseling can help you tear down walls and communicate what you desire to have in an intimate lover, friend, and marriage mate.