"Thanks again for today, I really appreciated it! Also so happy to have found a counselor who actually GETS ME!! I was amazed at how much better I felt after talking to Kathy and how quickly she was able to delve into the personal." Teenager

"Gary, The help we received from you and Kathleen was invaluable this past week. We wish we had sought your services back in May - we've spent a lot of time and money with another counselor that didn't quite suit our needs. It was the purest dose of hope we'd received since finding each other in 07! I'm writing to see if you and I could schedule our own session to deepen my understanding of N's faith and explore some ways to discuss faith in terms suitable for a beginner. I would like to attempt to suspend my pattern of skepticism in order to have a fresh look at faith and see how it feels. I would also like to have a man's understanding as to what N would like from a shared faith. I trust you and you seem to understand where I'm coming from. We feel very lucky to have found you."

"If anyone were to ask me why seek guidance at Christian Counsel Associates, I'd sum it up like this: It's where a person can go and safely be open. It's not a place to simply talk but more importantly to discover truth. The journey of removing old ways of thinking and being isn't easy, but the wholeness and peace that come make every step worth it. And the greatest gift I've found is the incredible love of God. What I value most in the counseling style is that no one has directed me in what to do or not to do; instead, I've been given the tools to think, seek, pray and find out at the throne of God -- for myself. Never has life been so sweet in the midst of so much that's tough. And the sweet comes from touching the heart of God. God bless you all.

That pretty much says it all. Each session leaves my spirit refreshed to the depths."

"Very compassionate and understanding!!!" (note sent through the credit card charging service)

"If only we had gone to Gary and Kathy for premarital counseling! After this experience, I highly recommend anyone considering marriage, even if you think you're perfect for each other, get pre-marital counseling. It could save you a lot of pain and heartache. I was shocked at how much wisdom and insight they offered in just the first 30 minutes. This is a powerful ministry and service. I recommend sitting down to talk over issues before they get out of control, but it?s never too late!"

"Kathy, There are very few ladies I respect, admire, and look up to without reservation. My mother and grandmother were at the top, and that's where you are. You are so utterly God's and such a glorious and beautiful representative/ambassador of Him. WIth grace and love, you speak His truth. And you'd never be able to see this yourself, but the genuineness of what's in your heart comes through in all of your ways, words and tones of voice. Never doubt that God is doing mighty wonders through you (and bigger ones than you get to see and wider spread than you'll ever know).

I told Gary that you're one I'd enjoy so much to have as my next door neighbor. To call you friend is an honor. God has to have awesome joy over you, saying, 'Yes, she gets it!! And I'm going to show her more and more!!'

Using you, God has opened me up to His love and to real joy that is unending. I simply can't tell you in one letter how much He has altered in me because you spoke truth. When you speak, it comes out pure because you stick to truth, truth, truth and all of it woven in His love. You keep speaking as He leads, and He'll keep unfolding miracle after miracle in life after life.

The witness of Gary and you together --- just know it goes a long way.

What I treasure is even though everybody makes mistakes, now I can see that God can really and truly turn into good what the enemy meant for harm. It's incredible.

Thank you for being totally His and for all you have poured out to me and many, many other sheep!

Funny -- as I finish this, I still haven't said what I'd like to say. Thank you for modeling before me the kind of woman of God I want to be."